Office 365 Services

Not long after founding our company, we became a test Partner in Microsoft’s alpha release of Microsoft Online Services or what today we call Office 365. This decision not only transformed our organization overnight but also enabled us to immediately modernize the IT environments of our clients by leveraging the Microsoft Cloud.

As one of Microsoft’s most experienced Cloud Partners worldwide, Team Venti has developed a strong track record helping organizations plan and execute successful transitions to cloud computing powered by Office 365. Through our many projects, large and small, we have developed migration templates based on our own experiences and Microsoft best practices, enabling us to offer fixed fee migration projects with guaranteed results. All of our deployment and migration services include everything you need, from planning to training, from user adoption support to technical support. In addition, our deployment service deliverables cover enterprise-essentials such as SSO and Hybrid configurations.

Some of our Office 365 fixed-fee migration services include deployment and data migration services, with no business interruption and guaranteed results, for the following cloud platforms:

Once your organization’s IT workloads are in Office 365 we can assist you in realizing the full value of your investment by deploying additional functionality and enabling integration with other systems hosted in the cloud or on the ground.

Additional features enabled via Office 365 can include:

  • Company intranet and extranet environments
  • Electronic forms and automated workflow systems
  • Online database functionality
  • PBX Replacement: Cloud hosted PBX and Call Center functionality based on Skype for Business
  • Shared drive/file share replacement in the Cloud
  • Online project management systems
  • Business intelligence and online dashboards
  • Much more…

Want to learn more about how we can help you plan your journey to Office 365? Contact us today at (833) 44-83684 to learn more.